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1. How do I go about scheduling an estimate?
​ There are three ways to schedule your free estimate. The easiest and most efficient way is to fill out
our estimate form on our website. Another option is to send us your contact information via e-mail to
info@slsincorp.com and Bill or Becky will promptly return your call. Lastly, you may simply contact us at
the office at 703-690-9939. If we are busy with a customer, simply leave your return number and we
will be happy to call you back within normal business hours.

2. What is the average time frame from the date of contract acceptance to completion of my job?
We complete our contracts in the order in which they are received. Environmental conditions such as
weather greatly affect job scheduling so we try to schedule in the most logical manner to be as
efficient as possible. (Make hay when the sun shines) The average lead time for job completion is one
to three weeks from the day we receive the signed contract.

3. Is it necessary for me to be home while the work is being completed? 
One of the great advantages for our customers is that the estimator Bill Funk will also be the one
directing the crew to be certain that all aspects of the contract will be performed exactly as mutually
agreed upon during the initial meeting. So while it is ok for you to be there it is not necessary.

4. How do we handle clean up on multiple day projects? 
We strive to constantly clean up behind ourselves throughout the process and typically the last hour of
each work day is spent tidying up as much as possible to leave the site as clean and safe as it can be

5. How will I care for my new landscape?
Springfield Lawn Service will include an explanation of any and all aftercare requirements. Bill will
always be available to the customer for any future questions that may arise. Springfield Lawn Service
also offers aftercare maintenance. Quite often our customers choose to take advantage of these clean
up services once or twice a year.

6. What sets Springfield Lawn Service about the rest?
Springfield Lawn Service stands by our work! One thing we are proud to say is that we are always
reachable! It doesn't matter if it is three or four years down the road, if you have a concern, call us!
We will come out and ascertain what is going on and we will be fair! We know this is why many of our
​ customers are long term (14-15 year standing) clients and will continue to be!

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