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  Meet the Team

                                     President: Bill Funk

                                     Bill is the President and Founder of Springfield Lawn Service. Bill was born and raised in Springfield, Va. and started

                                     Springfield Lawn Service while still attending Lee High School. Outdoor landscaping and all other related services

                                     are his passion and life. With over 30 years experience, when it comes to landscaping and drainage, it is extremely

                                     rare to encounter a request that he cannot fulfill.   

                                     Office Manager: Becky Mason

                                     Becky has been with Springfield Lawn Service for over 6 years. She handles virtually all of the office related aspects

                                     of the Company from keeping up with the phones and e-mail (even during off hours) to accounting and payroll.

                                     Becky works hand in hand with Bill, the crew and the customers to make sure all daily operations run smoothly

                                     and that everyone is on the same page.  

                                     Tree Expert: Dale Patterson 

                                     Dale has been with the Company for over a decade. He is a Certified Arborist and an expert climber with over

                                     35 years experience and does all of our horticultural work. He is also very talented in most areas of our business

                                     as well which makes Dale an extremely valuable asset for both the Company and the customer.

                                     He is the MacGyver of the group meaning virtually anything that comes up that might be considered challenging

                                     can always be thrown at Dale and we can always count on him to come up with a solution.  

                                                                                          The Crew

                                                                                          Our crew is headed up by Francisco who has been working and training side by side

                                                                                          with Bill for more than 15 years.  He shares Bill’s (Company’s) vision of providing 

                                                                                          nothing but the best. He and his crew are the back bone of Springfield Lawn.

​                                                                                          Without them we would not be able to complete the multi faceted projects we do 

                                                                                          at the level we are able to complete them.

​                                                                                          Most of our crew have been with us a minimum of 5 years and have been chosen by

                                                                                          Bill and Francisco as the “cream of the crop”. They strive to offer the best possible 

outcome on each and every project.  They really take pride in their work and look forward to the next project as well as seeing the final

outcome on completed jobs.

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