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Grading Drainage - Springfield Lawn Service

GRADING & DRAINAGE: Residential and Commerical

Springfield Lawn Service has acquired countless years of local experience in designing solutions for both new and existing properties. The heart of every successful landscape project is the proper management of water.

Springfield and the surrounding areas in Northern, Va. typically is known for its non porous heavy clay soil combined with localized underground springs. These features create breeding grounds for drainage concerns.

Our years in the landscape industry have allowed Bill and his employees to develop a well trained eye therefore enabling us to recognize and create custom drainage solutions to existing problems.

​With regards to new installations this same expertise insures that the job gets done right the first time therefore preventing potential issues all together.


  • Wet yards
  • Precise Transit Grading
  • Damp Basement
  • Dry Creeks
  • Water Features
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Erosion Control
  • French Drains
  • Design and Installation of NDS whole 
  • property drainage systems etc.
  • Gutter Downspots



Are some examples of the type of time tested services we have been providing

throughout the area since 1985


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